“Julia, you're a beast!" 

~ Evan El Koury, Founder, Raptor Power Systems, August 2020

"Julia immediately becomes an asset to your team the moment you begin working with her.  When you describe your requirements and expectations, Julia’s response is not static, but a dynamic discussion around maximizing the investment, ensuring the highest quality results, and improving efficiency.  She strives to always be a step ahead, absolutely ensuring as many scenarios as possible are thought of; the project is well-planned and well executed as advised—on schedule and truly professional.  The success of critical projects require people that are uniquely critical and focused—and Julia is absolutely that.”

~ Joseph Pizzella, Vice President and GM, Powerficient LLC, July 2019

"CAM2 Technologies has been working with Julia (Pragmatic Designs) for about four months and she has been the single biggest reason we have been able to ship more than $250K in revenue.  We had a special project that required an NRTL mark which required EMC testing.  This product was a pretty complicated integrated FTIR system for a major nuclear government testing facility. 

Our product was a well-designed functional system, but in terms of EMC we had done a less than adequate job.  Julia was able to jump in and make immediate improvements.  Most significant were her laboratory setup and her in-depth knowledge of EMC.  I was pleasantly surprised at her desire to roll up her sleeves and get down into the details of the problem.  Her depth of PCB knowledge was extremely impressive. 

During the entire process Julia was very forthcoming with information/reports/updates as well as communicating expenses and projected costs for the entire project.  We were able to complete the project on time and ship to the customer.

We have currently entered an additional agreement which is much more complicated and requires CE certification with WiFi and Bluetooth communication.  After just one week she has made significant strides and has made several suggestions.  I expect this to be a long road but we are grateful to have Julia as our expert.

I have already recommended Julia to a few other organizations and will continue to utilize her expertise. 

~ Morris Martelle, Managing Partner, Operations, CAM2 Technologies, July 2020

"I worked closely with Julia through the development of an electronic device for a major brand in the music industry. The project took over a year to produce as it was an unusual product with surprisingly complex requirements. Success for this project required the ability to think outside the box, a willing attitude and a tremendous amount of resilience. Julia delivered on all fronts.

 As a tireless researcher Julia doesn’t let technical barriers defeat her. Time after time she rolled up her sleeves or hit the books if a solution wasn’t at hand. Although it was her electronics expertise that was sought, it was her innate mechanical ability and 3D printing capabilities that enabled more rapid iteration through the invention of this unique and now patented technology. I highly recommend Julia and her services - when challenges arise it is rare for external collaborators to be as dedicated and willing to invest personally."

~ Lee Griswold, Design Director, Gyre9 LLC, October 2012

"Julia has become an invaluable member of our team since coming on board several years ago. She redesigned our entire product line from the ground up, greatly reducing manufacturing costs while improving reliability and performance. Her innovative mechanical designs have given us a competitive edge, achieving a sophisticated look and user experience with minimal tooling costs. Her broad skill set, beyond just hardware and firmware development, has benefitted us in such diverse areas as documentation, sourcing, regulatory compliance, and patenting. Julia is an independent worker, a good communicator, highly meticulous, thorough, experienced, and professional – she knows how to “get the job done"! I recommend her services without reservation.”

~ Mark Barnes, President and CEO, Florlink Inc.,  February 2020

"We were working on a project and began running into some roadblocks with supplier. One of our vendors highly recommended Julia. We reached out to her regarding the issues we were having. Julia immediately began working on resolving the issues and from that point forward, the project started moving in the right direction. My only disappointment is that we didn’t reach out to Julia sooner. We appreciate all her help and level of dedication and commitment to see the project across the finish line. Thank you, Julia, for all your assistance, really enjoyed working with you on this project!"

~ Joe Dunning, R&D Manager, RCBS, February 2023

 "We failed radiated emissions and were under the gun for a fix on a client's machine.  Julia was able to jump on board immediately, and after a short evaluation she delivered fixes that cost less than $100 to implement - an insignificant increase compared to the many thousands the machine cost.  And because of her relationship with the lab, they got us in right away for re-testing and we were able to deliver on time to the customer.  I highly recommend Julia for any non-compliances you run into, and ideally, pre-scan and evaluation before sending it to the lab to save a lot of time and money."

~ John Allen, Founder and President, Product Safety Consulting, Inc, October 2016

"I cannot thank you enough for coming to the EMC test lab on short notice, identifying the root cause and getting our system into a passing configuration.  I greatly enjoyed working and learning from you and I look forward to doing it again with future projects."

~ Adam Campagna, Design Engineer, Precision X-Ray Inc., 2021

“I had an extremely positive experience working with Julia Truchsess, who was an expert witness in a patent infringement case. Julia approached the project with enthusiasm. She provided valuable input and delivered a very useful and polished report, despite being faced with some tight deadlines. A top-notch work product was produced and the process was a very enjoyable one.”

~ Bruce Stratton, Barrister and Solicitor, Toronto, Ontario, April 2019

"We work with Pragmatic Designs on many projects to assist in getting our products through EMC and safety testing with TUV.  They have been OUTSTANDING in achieving results with complicated electronic devices that no other firm was able to get through testing.  The work is extremely thorough, complete, well thought out, and always goes above and beyond our expectations.  Even when something seems impossible, somehow they are able to find a creative and functional solution.  I highly recommend Pragmatic Designs and Julia to anyone who needs assistance passing complicated safety and EMC standards as well as anyone in need of custom design work, you will not be disappointed!" 

~ Evan El Koury, Founder, Raptor Power Systems, August 2018

 "While doing development of a number of new products my team ran into some difficulties with radiated emissions.  We brought in two different experts but neither one was able to make any progress, and so with our deadlines quickly approaching, we contacted Julia at Pragmatic Designs.  In very short order Julia was able to guide us to solutions that were both practical and very well-explained, the result being that we were able to get all four of our products to pass the required levels of emissions.  I highly recommend Julia and Pragmatic Designs, and they will be at the top of our list of people to call in the future."

~ William Flynn, VP Engineering and Innovation, Vitec Videocom Inc., September 2014

"Working with Julia over the past 23 years, I have found her to be one of the most creative and technically savvy engineers, with the added ability to complete projects in a timely and cost efficient manner.  Her insights into essential product functionality for all age levels, from child play pattern to adult requirements are extremely beneficial in streamlining product development cycles, from preliminary design to production." 

~ Anne Pitrone, President, Pitrone and Associates, June 2015


"Thanks to your efforts, Julia, I secured three more products for testing from the client, and their purchasing department couldn’t thank me enough for referring you.  They told me these struggles had gone on way too long and you were their savior!  Thank you again - I would highly recommend you to anyone for EMC mitigation."

~ Todd Mollica, Director of Sales, Eastern Region, TUV Rheinland of NA, Inc., October 2014

“Pragmatic Designs recently resolved a challenging EMI issue that was delaying a new product launch.  Using PDI's open-air site, measurement equipment, and EMI/EMC expertise, the problem was addressed, and our compliance lab testing time and expense was significantly reduced. We received regular status reports and overall communication with Julia was excellent.  Her assistance enabled us to more quickly launch a compliant product.”

~ Bill Scheremeta, Dymax Corporation, May 2015

“I cannot thank you enough for your intelligent, innovative, hard work and your enthusiastic passion put into every project we’ve engaged in.”

~ John Roderick, VP New Business / Product Development, Avedis Zildjian Co. June 2013

"Without a doubt Julia Truchsess is one of the most talented engineers I have ever met.  She has a very determined approach to "do it right the first time".  If there are mistakes (usually not by her) she is quick to recommend and implement corrections.  With her experience she has the ability to look ahead and recommend changes before problems happen. Her strengths cover electronics, programming, mechanical (including 3D printing) and designing for ease of manufacturing while keeping costs low.  Product certification and EMC testing is a specialty of Julia's and she has strong connections with testing labs.  With years of experience working in Asia, she knows what it takes to get product to market efficiently and quickly."

~ Roy Worthington, President, Octave Systems Inc., September 2016

“I deem it a great pleasure to recommend Pragmatic Designs and Miss Julia Truchsess. Since 2009, we had many successful products developed together and launched in the market. Julia works closely with our engineering team and her fast response and clear communication help to keep the project schedule. She has not only the product design capability, but also her insight into manufacturing problems before project kickoff are a great help. Her automatic tester and fixture designs make manufacturing more efficient while improving quality and saving cost compared with commercial testers. Julia’s initiative and aggressive in duty performance have won appreciation from our clients as well as her business partners."

~ Steven J.T. Lu, CEO, Microtips Technology Inc, June 2012

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