Defibtech Lifeline™ AED Defibrillator, 2016

Defibtech came to me for help with radiated immunity compliance at 1.3GHz, after repeatedly failing testing despite good internal resources. Their product launch schedule allowed time for only one more board spin. After reviewing their circuit and PCB layouts, and without ever turning on or testing a unit, I prepared a fourteen-page report detailing six primary recommedations for mitigation. Management was skeptical of some of the recommendations, and decided to spin three different revisions at once: one with some new ideas from their internal engineering, one implementing some but not all of my recommendations, and one implementing all of my recommendations. The board with only their revisions showed improvement but did not pass compliance testing. The board with only some of my recommendations passed, doubling the margin they’d previously acheived. The board implementing all of my recommendations improved margin by another factor of two.


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