Preliminary Specifications:

Important Notice: The DF-1040 is a "semi-custom" OEM product with a minimum purchase quantity of 100 pieces. A variety of features are available at varying price points and delivery schedules. If you have an application for this product, please contact us with a description of your feature requirements so that we can provide an estimate of the engineering cost and time required to provide a custom solution. For an off-the-shelf solution, please consider the DF-1710, which is available in quantities from 1 to 1000 pieces.

Stunning 10.4" Diagonal (8.3" x 6.2") display
Wall-mountable, with integral rotating stand for desktop use
Universal Frame Mount system accepts off-the-shelf or custom frames
PCMCIA slot accepts CompactFlash™, SmartMedia™, Memory Stick®, Microdrive™, Clik!™/PocketZip™, and other storage devices, plus ethernet, modem, and wireless LAN cards (adapters may be required for some storage devices)
Internal memory for image storage

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