"The Rolls Roys of digital picture frames!"
- abcnews.com

"Digi-Frame's excellent resolution and smart design make it a great for photographers or anyone with stacks of photo albums."
- Fox News

"WOW!! I just got a Digi-Frame the other day, loaded it up with pictures, and brought it to work to put on my desk. Everyone that walks by stops and looks and asks me questions about it. Everyone seems to want one. I think it is a great idea and I am glad I finally got one. I can't wait for more Digi-Frame models to come out. I love my digi-frame!"
- J. Pellegrini, August 2002

"I wish other companies had customer service support close to Digi-Frame's. I will tell everybody I know about the extremely positive experience you have provided."
- B. Rendel, August 2002

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