Digi-Frame's DF-1710 is the Ultimate Digital Picture Frame!

With Digi-Frame's new DF-1710, digital picture frames have finally come into their own. This is the electronic frame for people who are serious about displaying their photos and art, with unsurpassed style, quality and features to satisfy the most demanding users! Click here for more information about commercial electronic digital signage, advertising, and display applications.

Large Screen

The DF-1710's spectacular seventeen-inch diagonal screen is the largest of any digital picture frame on the market. No more squinting at small screens, this one looks great from across the room! The high-resolution SXGA (1280 x 960 pixels) active-matrix, wide viewing angle LCD ensures a crisp, clear image, far exceeding that of televisions and plasma screens.

It Looks Like a Traditional Picture Frame

The best thing about this frame is that it doesn't look "electronic" - it looks like a "real" picture frame! A beautiful gold-tone frame, black mat, and anti-glare acrylic cover are included. If you want to change the frame, the DF-1710 accepts any standard 20 x 16 decorative frame to look perfectly at home with any décor! All controls are hidden discreetly from view. The DF-1710 includes picture wire and "keyhole" openings for hanging on walls traditionally, as well as brackets designed for flush in-wall custom installations.

Holds Over 10,000 Pictures!

Think of all those treasured family photos hiding in albums in your home, as well as digital image files on computer disks. Now imagine having them all accessible for instant and constant display on this magnificent frame! Don't settle for digital frames than can only show a few dozen pictures at a time - you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll tire of them. The DF-1710's massive 12-gigabyte hard drive provides enough storage for many years' worth of memories and decorative art.

Built-In CD-ROM

The DF-1710 is the only digital picture frame to include a built-in CD-ROM, a major convenience for film camera users. Simply request a CD in addition to your prints when you drop off your film for processing. Pop the CD into the DF-1710 and an instant slideshow is automatically created! Digital buffs can burn their own CD-R's, with over 1,000 pictures on each one!

USB Port for Memory Card Readers

View pictures directly from your digital camera's memory cards by adding an external USB card reader.

Handheld Remote Control

Relax in your easy chair and scroll through your pictures and change slideshows using the elegant handheld infrared remote control!


For users with home networks and for business applications, the DF-1710 includes a built-in ethernet port and preinstalled networking software. All features of the frame are controllable remotely from any computer on the network or via the internet. Multiple frames can be controlled independently - put one in the living room, one in the bedroom, and one in the family room! With the addition of an external USB wireless adapter, it can even use 802.11b wireless networking!

On-Screen Menu System!

With the DF-1710's on-screen menu system you can preview images, select from an unlimited number of different slideshows, set the time and transition effects between images, and much more!

Movie Clips and More!

In addition to still pictures, the DF-1710 can play MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 movie clips with sound, Macromedia Flash® animations and HTML web content! Formats can be freely mixed in presentations!

Music and Sound!

The DF-1710 can play MP3 and WAV audio files, providing background sound or narration for your still pictures or movie clips. It includes built-in speakers, on-screen volume control, and line level audio output.

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