Elegant Networkable Electronic Digital Signage Solutions from Digi-Frame

Digi-Frame's model DF-1710 networkable multimedia flat-panel display appliance has been designed specifically for networked and non-networked signage applications, trade shows, exhibits, retail, point-of-purchase, and architectural signage applications, as well as residential and consumer use.

The DF-1710 offers many distinct features and advantages including:

Completely Self-Contained Display Appliance: The DF-1710 features a built-in Pentium-class CPU, 10GB or larger hard drive, CD-ROM drive, ethernet and USB ports, stereo speakers, and infrared remote control. There is no separate computer, keyboard, mouse, cabling, or software installation to deal with.

Elegance: In contrast to "tech-y" looking plasmas and computer monitors, or bulky televisions, the DF-1710 looks just like a traditional picture frame and accepts any standard 16 x 20" decorative frame (or our optional black steel bezel). It simply hangs on the wall with standard picture frame wire or "keyhole" slots, and also accepts VESA-standard monitor mounting brackets and fixtures. It's also been designed for built-in and flush-mount applications with the frame removed. Since it's self-contained, the DF-1710 doesn't require a separate computer taking up precious spaceand adding clutter to displays.

Stand-alone or Networked Operation: Any number of DF-1710s can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world via ethernet and the internet, enabling store-wide, building-wide, or worldwide informational and advertising networks. Content can also be loaded locally from CD-ROM or memory cards, or from an individual directly-connected PC. All content and programming, whether from the network or local media, is copied to the internal hard drive for stand-alone operation. In networked application this means that even if the network goes down the presentation continues to run. For trade shows and exhibits, content can be loaded prior to shipping to the show location - setup personnel need only hang the unit and plug it into AC power. Since each DF-1710 is self-contained, each can be running a different presentation without having to dedicate space to a separate computer for each display.

Turnkey Operation: Digi-Frame's integrated software suite, specifically tailored for presentation and networking, is preinstalled. Once content is loaded you just turn it on and it runs.

Superb Image Quality: The DF-1710's pixel density of over 94 dots per inch is much higher than that of plasma displays, and coupled with its totally flicker-free LCD display provides unsurpassed image quality for demanding applications. The inherent lower internal reflectivity of LCD technology vs. plasma also provides greater contrast under high ambient light conditions.

Low Cost: The DF-1710 has significantly lower cost than plasma screens, even without considering the cost of the computer that must be added to drive a plasma display.

Portrait or Landscape Orientation: The DF-1710's mechanical design, software, and wide, symmetrical viewing angle allow "magazine-format" advertising layouts not possible with other technologies or with LCD's of poor viewing angle. In artwork and photography applications, portrait mode is often the most desireable display orientation.

Wide Range of Supported Media: Plays JPEG still images with variable timing and transition effects, MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 video, Flash™ animations, HTML web pages, and MP3 and WAV audio. All media types can be mixed in presentations.

Simple Yet Powerful Programming: For instant simple programming just insert a CD or memory card containing media files and the DF-1710 will automatically play them in alphabetical order. Slideshow parameters like timing and transition effects can be adjusted with the remote control and on-screen menus if desired. For complete detailed programming control, the ordering of media items, timing and transitions, and many other options can be specified on an item-by-item basis by writing a simple text script file and loading the script along with the media files via CD, memory card, or ethernet. Scripting and file transfers are both done with free, readily-available text editors and web browsers, no special software is required on your PC.

Automatic Software Upgrades: DF-1710's connected to a network with internet acess can be remotely upgraded to the latest available software version. Non internet-connected frames can be upgraded from CD or via local ethernet.

Wireless LAN Option: The DF-1710 supports 802.11b wireless ethernet networking ("Wi-Fi") by means of an external USB wireless adapter.

Life: Plasma screens are typically rated for 6,000 - 8,000 hours of life (a year or less). The DF-1710's LCD panel is rated at 50,000 hours typical, 30,000 hours minimum backlight life, after which the backlight can be replaced. The DF-1710's LCD also does not suffer from the serious image burn-in problems associated with plasma displays and static images.

Digi-Frame can produce displays in sizes larger than the 17-inch DF-1710 on a custom basis, please contact us with your requirements.

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