DF-1700 Tech Support

The DF-1700 has been superceded by the DF-1710. The current software version for the DF-1700 is version 3.53 which can be downloaded by clicking here.

DF-1700 Software Version History

Please Note: DF-1700 software is a subset of the DF-1710 software and may contain features that apply only to the DF-1710.

Changes in v. 3.53 Released 12/11/02
Added Default Slide Transition menu item
Changed the order of menu items

Changes in v. 3.52 Released 12/6/02
Changed behavior when transitions interrupted by user controls
Added remote software upgrade feature and menu selection.
Improved crossfade transition
Improved speed of "fromright" transition
Reduced startup screen pause time to 5 seconds
After deleting CD-ROM slideshows the unit now defaults to the user slideshow

Changes in v. 3.51 Not Released
Improved "flip" transition speed
Added "slideleft", "fromright", and "slideup" transitions
Added global pause time menu setting

Changes in v. 3.50 Released 11/15/02
USB card reader support added
Fixed bug that caused duplicate CD and card script entries and hangs when deleting CD and card directories
Crashes when control buttons pressed during MPEG playback fixed.
Control buttons are now recognized during transition effects
Dissolve transition is now compatible with MP3 playback.
Control button responsiveness improved, debounce problems fixed.
Pause function now works
JPEG decompression speed increased
Fixed a bug where repeated attemps to fetch a non-existent file on a remote server would eventually cause a crash.

Changes in v. 3.24 released 10/31/02
Menu system changed so that FWD and BACK buttons on the main unit can be used to navigate the menu system.
Ability to delete CD-ROM directories added
System Information menu selection added
Upgrade from CD-ROM now supported
Unit will now respond to controls when No Media Found error screen is shown
Various minor changes to menus

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