All electronic products sold in the USA are statutorily required to comply with FCC regulations for radio-frequency emissions. All products imported into the EU must comply not only with emissions standards, but with electromagnetic immunity, safety, environmental, and energy efficiency regulations (all required for CE labeling). The global regulatory landscape is labyrinthine and ever-changing, and successful navigation to a compliant product release requires expert and up-to-date knowledge. The time to start thinking about compliance is at the earliest stages of design. Once circuits, PCB boards, and enclosures have been finalized and tooled, revisions necessary to achieve regulatory compliance can be very expensive and delay ship dates by weeks or months.

The principles of radio-frequency propagation are often unintuitive and poorly understood. Specialized understanding is required, and I have repeatedly demonstrated my ability to solve difficult EMC problems for numerous clients. I have a well-equipped in-house pre-compliance test lab and access to a nearby accredited commercial test facility.

Radiated emissions scans, before and after mitigation work

Red trace shows EUT emissions prior to my mitigation work; green is after.

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