JPEG Picture Viewing
View image files in the popular JPEG image format used by most digital cameras.Picture files may be any size up to the limit of available memory.

CompactFlash™ and SmartMedia™ (SSFDC) Storage Card Support
Use storage cards directly from almost all popular digital cameras.

Computer Connection
Built-in serial (RS-232, RS-422 compatible) interface allows you to connect Digi-Frame™ to your personal computer (Windows ® or Macintosh ™ ) to transfer images to and from the computer. Download your favorite pictures from the Internet or E-mail and store them on a CompactFlash or SmartMedia card for convenient viewing at any time.

Large, Bright Color Display
The DF-560 Features 230,400-dot active-matrix color LCD capable of displaying thousands of colors. Contrast is user-adjustable.

Automatic Orientation Sensor
Your pictures will be rotated automatically as you tilt the frame between landscape (wide) and portrait (tall) modes. Orient the frame to suit the majority of pictures on your storage card, and the remaining pictures will be rotated automatically so they appear the right way up.

Customizable Slideshows
Assemble up to ten different slideshows with up to 1,500 pictures in any order you want; simply select images from a list of thumbnails on the card. Each slideshow can have its own pictures and settings. Choose from nine different transition effects including wipe, dissolve, mosaic, and fade, set the time between picture changes, add special effects, select random or user-defined order, and more! During the slideshow you can pause or resume and manually skip forwards or backwards.

Instant Start
Insert your card full of images, turn on the Digi-Frame™, and it will immediately begin a cycling slideshow of all available pictures, with no user interaction necessary.

Simple, Graphical Menus
Menus are shown as both as large, easily-visible icons and descriptive text.

User-Friendly Controls
Navigate menus and lists using a simple thumbwheel control. Control slideshow operation using VCR-like buttons - back, pause/play and forward.

Audio Feedback
Menu commands and other actions are confirmed with an audible beep sound.

User-Upgradeable Software
Download Digi-Frame software with new features and enhancements from our website as they become available!

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