December 2001

The Digi-Frame DF-560 at first glance looks just like a regular picture frame -- which is the whole idea. But instead of showing off just a single one of your latest Kodak moments on "glossy" paper, the Digi-Frame allows you to display a whole slew of your digital pictures in a slide-show format.

August 2001

Editors' Choice, 100+ Photo Accessories

Digi-Frame allows digital photographers to display photos without using a computer. This sleek, high-tech frame is available in several decorative finishes and sizes. Its technology enables you to transfer and view images directly from your digital camera by removing the camera's memory card and inserting it directly into Digi-Frame.

May 2001

Tomorrow's Technology

Digital picture frames are relatively new, but they are coming of age fast, and the Digi-Frame DF-560 is the prime example. of breed, quality engineering
If you have a digital camera with a memory card, get a Digi-Frame.

February 26, 2001


There are other frames out there that you plug in to a phone line and the frame must dial-in and download the images that you have uploaded. The Digi-Frame is costly, but worth it. It is self-contained, high quality, easy to use, and very impressive. I have it on my desk at work. On the weekends I just take my memory cartridge and add pictures to it with my weekend activities. If you have a digital camera with a memory card, get a Digi-Frame.

December 6, 2000

The handsome-looking $570 Digi-Frame displays crystal clear images in an active-matrix screen - the only frame we tested that uses the technology that powers most laptop displays and produces clearer images at more viewing angles than its passive-matrix sibling. This Rolls-Royce of Frames comes with three decorative faceplates and features a menu wheel and control button that let you design a picture show: you can view thumbnail images of available pictures, pick which ones you’d like to put into a rotation, choose their order, select their shelf-life and set transition effects.
Review by Stephen Negro, Special to

December 2000

Editors' Choice, 50 Top Products For The Digital Photographer

I don't always want to sit in front of a computer to see my digital photographs, and that's why I really enjoy the Digi-Frame DF-560. By inserting either a SmartMedia or CompactFlash card into the frame, I can view my images one at a time or in a continuous slide show.

September 29, 2000

If you own a digital camera there's a new product that can not only store up to 200 images, but also display them anywhere, on a color LCD screen--sans computer. Called the Digi-Frame, it looks just like a typical photo frame, but instead of displaying one static photo of your Uncle Henry, the frame can rotate images with the press of a button or you can select its slide show mode for a continuous shuffle

August 2000

Editors' Choice, 100+ Photo Accessories

Digi-Frame allows digital photographers to display photos without using a computer. This sleek, high-tech frame is available in several decorative finishes and sizes. Its technology enables you to transfer and view images directly from your digital camera by removing the camera's memory card and inserting it directly into Digi-Frame.

August 2000

Technology News & Notes: Color Me Digital
Setup is simple; just plug the frame’s AC adapter into an outlet and turn it on. The DF-560 comes with several images preloaded, and you can play with them to get used to operating the device before you add your own photos.
(Vol.11 Issue 8, Page(s) 6-11 in print issue)

August 2000

Digi-Frame has added a neat little feature to this one-the ability to display pictures from an e-mail or off of Net by connecting the DF-390 to either your Mac or PC through the Digi-Link software package and serial cables. The frame takes both CompactFlash and SmartMedia. We are guessing digital-camera buffs will flip over these things ...

July 24, 2000

Speaking of photos, out of all the digital photo "frames" available (Sony's comes to mind as an overpriced, underpowered competitor), we noticed Digi-Frame as one of the most reasonably priced and powerful alternatives for those who want to use digital photos like regular photos in a picture frame.
by Nancy Hanger

July 19, 2000

Digi-Frame ships the first "Killer Device" for the Digital and Non-Digital Photographer! Sometimes, if your lucky, you’ll find a new and really cool piece of technology that will excite you. Remember the first time you used a good digital camera? That’s what I’m talking about…that "wow…this is very very cool". This week, the staff of Xtreme Camera were saying the same thing about a new product we got the chance to review....
by John Manzione, Publisher.

July/August 2000

The Future of Photographic Display
We've spent the last few years telling you about the future of photography cature and processing in the pages of Digital Camera Magazine. It is now my pleasure to introduce you to the future of photographic display, demonstrated so well by Digi-Frame.
by Shawn Barnett, Digital Camera Magazine

July 2000

This has got to be one of the coolest little things around. The DigiFrame looks like a picture frame you plug into the wall. Instead of a photo, though, there’s a 5.6-inch diagonal active-matrix color LCD screen that plays back the pictures it finds on your own CF or SmartMedia card.
by Charles Carr, Serious Toys

Summer 2000

This digital photo display makes viewing vacation snaps more like watching TV than flipping through a photo album. The high-resolution LCD cycles through images, like a slide show, Insert CompactFlash or SmartMedia cards from a digital camera, or connect the frame to a PC or Mac to transfer images.

June 4, 2000

In my column on things to do with your digital photos, I mentioned the Sony CyberFrame, an $899 electronic desktop picture frame that could hold your digital pictures and show them to your friends or coworkers. Recently, I received a Digi-Frame, which does the same thing. But it's $300 cheaper, and it's better.
by Donald Brown

May 31, 2000

Interesting products: Digi-Frames for digital photos
If you're into digital photography, the folks at Digi-Frame have an interesting way to show 'em. Their Digi-Frames are described as "the missing link in digital photography."
by Dennis Sellers

May 17, 2000

A Digital Frame That Dazzles
NEW YORK — Ever spend hours pasting together a photo album of a family trip, only to have the album collect dust on your coffee table? If you're ready to plunk down $500-$600 on a digital frame, you can scrap those albums and run a continuous slide show of your best snapshots. And even if photos of you on vacation don't delight your friends, the technology will...
by Jaime Bedrin,

May 2000

The Digi-Frame™ line of digital picture frames accepts both CompactFlash™ and SmartMedia™ memory cards from your digital camera. With the included cable it can also store and display images received by e-mail or the internet from your PC or Macintosh™. You can view the images one at a time, or as a continuous slide show. Image files must be in the JPEG format used by most digital cameras and files may be any size up to the limit of available memory, however the screen displays images at 640 x 480 so files larger than that just waste storage space.

May 2000

Now you can display pictures taken as digitalcamera images simply by placing the camera's CompactFlash or SmartMedia storage cards directly into the frame. Simple controls let users browse the contents of the inserted memory cards, choose which images will display and for how long as well as a bunch of special effects.

May 12, 2000

Tired of the same old photos on your desk? Create a framed slide show with the DF-560. It takes digital photos from your camera, disk, or CD-ROM and frames them for a constantly changing exhibit.
by Leora Harling

June 2000

High-Tech Frames for High-Tech Photos
Forget photo printers. Want a really easy way to display all those cool pictures you've shot with your digital camera? Enter Ceiva Logic and Digi-Frame, whose digital picture frames promise to take care of that task--and provide you with a simple way to keep your personal photo gallery up to date automatically.
by Daniel Grotta

May 8, 2000

I've Been Framed! Digitally.
It looks like an ordinary picture frame….until you notice it's showing a different photo every time you look. The photos are digital and inside that frame is an LCD screen. That's the concept behind a number of digital picture frames now on the market. The latest, from a company called Digi-Frame, has the best color display I've seen yet on one of these devices. It's only useful, really, if you have a digital camera. Just pop out the compact flash or smart media memory card….
by Fred Fishkin, CBS News

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April 2000

French Photo Magazine
In the Silicon Age, it's a shame that most digital photos are gathering dust on hard disks and CD-ROM's, the digital equivalents of the proverbial shoebox. Happily, a solution exists in the form of digital picture frames. Digital photographs can be read directly from SmartMedia or CompactFlash cards, or transferred from Macintosh or PC computers. Two models are available: the DF-560, with a 5.6" diagonal screen, and a smaller model with a 3.9" screen. Either can hold up to 500 photos. The large model accepts decorative frames in a variety of colors and designs.

April 2000

Sending digital photos over the Internet makes it easy to share pitures with far-away friends and family, but what about displaying your digital images on the mantel, or on your desk at work?

April 26, 2000

Gadgets in Hyperdrive: Sales Professionals Go Wireless
A picture frame as a sales tool? You got it! With Digi-Frame, you're able to transfer images from your computer with the help of SmartMedia and CompactFlash memory cards, to create a slide show of up to 200 images. An onscreen menu system lets you choose the images to display. Use the Digi-Frame for quick presentations, or just to let customers gaze at your products in awe. The DF-560 offers a 5.6-inch display, along with interchangeable snap-on picture frames available in wood grain, metal and contemporary.

April 5, 2000

Digi-Frame has national and regional retailers for its line of digital picture frames for viewing digital pictures without a PC. Wolf Camera, Fry's Electronics, Eckerd Drug, Neiman Marcus' Men's' Spring Catalog,, DataVision, J&R Computer/Music World and B&H Photo are among the firstretailers to carry Digi-Frame's DF-390 and DF-560, along with distribution to 3000 independent camera stores nationwide as well as a number of specialty retailers in the northeast.
Written by Ken Mann, Editor-at-Large, Digital Camera Magazine

April 2, 2000

SAY HELLO TO THE DF-560 DIGI-FRAME, it's the new millennium's answer to the static picture frame of your parent's generation. There's no better way to display your digital pictures than with a digital picture frame. Forget the trip to the photo store and the printing fees - just pop in a flash card full of pictures and hit the power switch!

March 6, 2000

Want to show off you digital pictures at home? With Digi-Frame Model DF-560, there's no need to drag them up to the computer room or boot up you laptop. The interchangeable 5.6" LCD 400-dot active-matrix color LCD display is a sharp looking Digital Picture Frame that you can showcase on your coffee table. Just insert the Compact Flash or Smart Media card from your digital camera into the provided and slot and you're done. The system has a graphic based on screen menu system and wheel controller for menu navigation that allows you to choose up to 500 JPEG pictures to display or run as a slide show. It also comes with a cable to store and display images received by e-mail or the internet from your home computer. As an interesting techo trick, the pictures actually re-orient themselves when you turn the frame.
by Dave Conabree

January 28, 2000

...and a portable JPEG viewer in every household...
Sick of leaving those racy JPEGs on your computer? Want to be able to display them anywhere in your house? Got half a grand to basically blow? Gentle reader, you need a Digi-Frame.

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