Unsolicited Testimonials for Digi-Frame Products

"WOW!! I just got a Digi-Frame the other day, loaded it up with pictures, and brought it to work to put on my desk. Everyone that walks by stops and looks and asks me questions about it. Everyone seems to want one. I think it is a great idea and I am glad I finally got one. I can't wait for more Digi-Frame models to come out. I love my digi-frame!"
- J. Pellegrini, August 2002

"We are in the process of building a new home. One of our desires has been to create a digital picture wall. We researched all of the digital picture frame companies, only to find out that they either wanted you to use their web site to store pictures and then download them into your picture frame or they offered small frames that held only a few pictures at one time. When we found the Digi-Frame model DF-1700 we immediately knew that we had found our solution. We ordered a DF-1700 with a 7-gig storage drive - at a normal resolution that would store 10,000 pictures! We have been so excited and happy with the picture frames that we recently ordered two 23-inch DF-2300 frames! My wife says that it's the best gift she's ever received! The beauty of digital frames is that it allows you to see all of your pictures on a regular basis versussticking them into a picture book and having them never see the light of day again.

On top of how great the picture frames look and work, the people at Digi-Frame have been delighful to work with. We strongly endorse the products and the company."
- J. Church, President and CEO, Trevecca Holdings, April 2002

"We were contemplating a plasma screen for the office but forthe same price we were able to install three DF-1700 seventeen-inch Digi-Frames. Not only did we avoid the hassle of installing cable or satellite,we also gained the capability to showcase our own imagery. It beats spending thousands of dollars so the receptionist can watch videos all day!"
- L. Felix, Enyce Inc., April 2002

"I have to say it's probably the best gadget I've ever bought, it's amazing! I opened it up in the office and popped my SmartMedia card into it and wow, it just worked! Now all of my colleagues want one!"
- R. Collins, January 2002

"The output from the Digi-Frame is perfect. My wife is very anxious to put it on her desk at her school room. It's a perfect way to show off all of our pictures, especially grandchildren."
- G. Childs, January 2002

"I think your product is the very best, highest quality. A good choice for the discerning consumer or professional user."
- M. Martucci, November 2001

"I just received the my DF-560 this afternoon. I can'ttell you how pleased I am with the quality of your fine product .and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the availabiltiy and the concept of the digi-frame! I read the reviews and agree with all that I read about this item."
- G. Paar, November 2001

"When my parents opened up the box and tried out the frame, they were so surprised and happy with the Happy 40th Anniversary jpg that appeared and then all the pictures that showed their marriage chronologically through today. They said that it was the best anniversary present they ever had. We had all met in Hawaii to celebrate the anniversary, and my dad used the frame throughout the week to showcase the digital photos he was taking. It was wonderful - I will tell all my friends to buy a digital frame!"
- A. Sabalesky, July 2001

Unsolicited Testimonials for Digi-Frame Customer Service

"I wish other companies had customer service support close to Digi-Frame's. I will tell everybody I know about the extremely positive experience you have provided."
- B. Rendel, August 2002

"I must say your online support is the best I have encountered."
- G. Carolino, August 2002

"The Digi-Frame arrived the other day in excellent condition. It is a great unit. More important is the EXCELLENT service I received from you. I am happy to see such service is still available these days!!"
- G. Brunson, July 2002

"Your support has been outstanding!"
- Dat Ngo, May 2002

"I am not often impressed with computer/electronic companies, but it seems your guys/gals are truly interested in customer satisfaction. I am impressed. It's the first time in years/decades that an upgrade has gone off without a hitch for me. Thanks for all your support and great products. It's nice to know someone still has pride in their products and service."
- W. Phaklides, December 2001

"Just wanted to say thanxs and That I really appreciate you and your companies exceptional customer service..Quite often I hear myself saying about other companies I can't believe they are so difficult.. But you hold a great shining example of what customer service should be!!! I hope all the others out there will follow your example.. It's made a repeat customer out of me!!"
- E. de Monye, May 2001

"When I arrived on Monday [tech support] had sent me two emails... one from home saying that he will send the file when he gets into work. The second email was from work with the attachments. That's what I call fantastic tech support."
- B. Woodard, July 2000

"You and Digi-Frame are a joy to do business with."
- R. McLaughlin, July 2000

"I am amazed with your quick and professional response, and impressed enough to go and buy a Digi-Frame, sight unseen, over the internet, right now"
- G. Hassett, May 2000

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