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January 6, 2000


The DF-390 Digital Picture Frame Offers Digital Image Viewing To Go!
San Rafael, CA—Digi-Frame Inc. today announced the introduction of the second in its impressive line of digital photo albums, the travel model DF-390. Operating from rechargeable batteries or wall current, and featuring a high-quality 3.9" display, the DF-390 gives amateur and professional digital photographers alike a compact, portable display to showcase their images anywhere, anytime. With its high-end technology, the unit allows anyone to transfer and view images directly from their digital camera by simply removing the camera’s memory card and inserting it into the Digi-Frame™. The only product of its kind to be compatible with both standard CompactFlash™ and SmartMedia™ memory cards, Digi-Frame™ operates with the vast majority of digital cameras in use today. The DF-390 has a retail price of $399.00 and will be available in March 2000.

"Digi-Frame creates easy-to-use products that are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want computer hassles," said Jerry Klein, Vice-President of Marketing for Digi-Frame. "Digi-Frame allows you to point, click and view."

The DF-390 has a 3.9" active-matrix color TFT LCD screen that provides vibrant high-resolution images. With the its easy-to-use graphic on-screen menu system and multi-function control wheel, you can view memory card contents at a glance with Quick-View™ thumbnails, edit your slide shows, select the time between image changes, add fun transition and display effects, delete images from cards, and much more. Manual image scrolling buttons and adjustable contrast are also provided. The device features a rotating stand for vertical or horizontal display, and rotates the images automatically to suit the frame’s orientation.

For displaying pictures from e-mail or the internet, the DF-390 connects to both Macintosh and PC computers with the included Digi-Link™ software and serial cables. The DF-390 incorporates a self-demonstrating slideshow for point-of-purchase display so that the product can be automatically demonstrated, even without memory cards. The DF-390 includes a leatherette carrying case, rechargeable batteries and a power supply/battery charger unit.

Established in 1999, Digi-Frame Inc. is headquartered in Port Chester, N.Y., and is comprised of individuals with strong backgrounds in consumer electronics and digital imaging dedicated to creating the world’s most complete line of high-quality, easy-to-use digital image viewing products. More information can be found on Digi-Frame’s website at


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